How Long Does It Take to Thaw Cookie Dough?

Let’s all admit it: you’ve been tempted to eat frozen or cold cookie dough before. It’s really simple, and even a heated up spoon goes a long way to enjoy what will taste like a thick ice cream sandwich. 

Cookies are also a great treat when actually baked – and you’ll feel a little less guilty in the face of salmonella warnings.

From frozen, the amount of time spent to thraw frozen cookie dough depends on how you do it. Using the safest and only recommended method of the fridge, it takes about 24-48 hours.

What is ideally thawed cookie dough?

First, let’s assume you put your cookie dough in the freezer to keep it until you were ready to bake. You now have a solid, hard bunch of cookie dough that you’ll want to gradually soften to the point where you can slice it and form it into the right sizes.

Alternatively, some cookie dough batches come presliced. You’ll want these to be soft enough to separate with your hands without snapping the dough or using too much below grease.

Thawing cookie dough in the fridge

If your cookie baking adventure is planned ahead, you can definitely use the fridge to thaw your cookie dough. The fridge is not the fastest method, but it will result in the highest quality produce and the least risk for any health issues – especially with eggs in cookie dough.

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Thawing cookie dough in the fridge can take up to 48 hours depending on how soft you want it. Many people can still accept the slightly hard version at 24 hours, too.

Final thoughts

We suggested thawing cookie dough in the fridge because it’s the safest possible method. The dough isn’t allowed to get too warm to create potential issues with food poisoning. You do not, however, need to thaw cookie dough at all.