How to Freeze Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel bread is the healthiest of bread out there, but most grainy carbs can be harder to store for long periods of time. This type of bread is made from an immense number of whole grains and lentil sprouts, and lacks any added sugar that most modern breads have.

The best way to store Ezekiel bread for a long period of time is to freeze it.

So How Do I Freeze Ezekiel Bread?

Freezing Ezekiel bread is a simple 3 step process:

  • Prep your freezer before you put the bread in there. This is important because you shouldn’t have anything that has the capacity to drip on top of the bread. This can lead to cross contamination issues.
  • Place your bread (in its original package) in a freezer safe bag. This will help prevent oxidation and bacteria growth.
  • When storing the Ezekiel bread, place it in a cool, dark area of the freezer, like the back or bottom.

The freezer will not significantly affect the texture and the quality of the bread while giving it an extremely long shelf life compared to grains stored in a pantry.

What’s the Average Shelf Life of Ezekiel Bread?

The average shelf life of Ezekiel bread is about 5 days, which can be overwhelming if you’re not eating it for both breakfast and lunch. This isn’t too uncommon in terms of shelf life for bread, but it is a bit shorter due to the lack of preservatives in Ezekiel bread.

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How Long Does Ezekiel Bread Last in the Freezer?

The life of Ezekiel bread in the freezer, however, is up to a year. This drastic difference is perfect for people who need to have bread in the house but don’t have enough faith in the preserves in the bread to last past its shelf life.

How Do I Tell It Is Time to Throw My Ezekiel Bread Away?

Luckily, complex carbs and grains are very communicative as to when they can’t be eaten. Look out for a stale smell, discoloration, and mold near the crust of the bread in order to make sure that you’re not eating anything you didn’t intend to.