How To Reheat Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is a family favorite squash that is commonly a fall or winter vegetable. There is nothing like the rich flavor of butternut squash. Butternut squash is great in soups, or even just simply roasted with delicious herbs and other vegetables. You can also just cut butternut squash in half and stick it on the grill or put it in the oven for a wonderful side dish. It’s easy to make too much butternut squash, but it will make a wonderful dinner for next evening’s meal.

Butternut squash can easily be reheated on the stovetop in a skillet. However, you can also reheat butternut squash in the oven, air fryer and even in the microwave. Each method really depends on how you originally cooked the butternut squash and it always comes down to personal preference. 

How To Reheat Butternut Squash

Having extra butternut squash is never a problem. The great part about butternut squash is that it can also be frozen for up to 9 months and it can be easily thawed whenever it is time to eat. Tasting just as good as it did when it was first cooked, or from the night before, reheating butternut squash is simple and quick. Let’s take a look at the different methods on how to reheat butternut squash. 

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How To Reheat Butternut Squash in the Oven

This method is best if you originally cut your squash in half, however you can also put smaller cubes in the oven as well. Perhaps you have one half left and are looking to heat it back up. If the squash was previously frozen, you will want to let the squash thaw all the way through before putting it in the oven. These are the steps you can take to reheat butternut squash in the oven. 

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F
  • Place squash in an oven safe pan
  • Give your squash a light rub of olive oil
  • Optional: cover your squash in 1-2 tablespoons of stock, broth or water for extra moisture and add some extra herbs. Skip this if you are looking to roast your squash 
  • Reheat in the oven for 12-15 minutes or until the internal temperature is about 125 degrees F.

How To Reheat Butternut Squash in the Air Fryer

If you have an air fryer, it can be so much easier to use than turning on your entire oven to reheat something. You can reheat your squash in cube form in the air fryer, and if they fit, you can also reheat halves in as well. 

  • Preheat the air fryer to 330 degrees F
  • Lightly rub your squash with olive oil 
  • Place in air fryer basket and reheat for 5-8 minutes (check at 5 minute mark and turn the squash if need be) 

How To Reheat Butternut Squash in the Microwave 

If your butternut squash is in cube form, halves or even in soup, you can reheat it in the microwave with ease. If previously frozen, let thaw overnight in the fridge before putting them in the microwave. 

  • Place squash on microwavable safe plate (bowl if its soup)
  • Cover the subbed or halved squash with a damp paper towel (Do not skip this step! It is very important to make sure your squash doesn’t dry out)
  • Heat for about a minute at a time until thoroughly heated through 
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How To Reheat Butternut Squash on Stovetop

This method is the best method if you cubed your squash the night before and sauteed it. You can do basically the same to reheat the cubes. You can also reheat butternut squash soup this way in a pot. 

  • To reheat cubed butternut squash, heat up a skillet with 1 tablespoon of butter or a splash of oil
  • Drop in butternut squash and constantly stir 
  • This may take about 10 minutes, keeping the stove on low, be careful not to char or burn your squash 
  • You don’t necessarily have to wait until the cubes thoroughly thaw if they were frozen before putting them in the skillet. The process just may take a bit longer 
  • To reheat butternut squash soup, simply put soup in a pot (thaw first if previously frozen) and stir until thoroughly heated
  • You can let it sit on the stovetop until it’s just about at a boil and you see some bubbles beginning to pop

Butternut squash is a wonderful thing because it is so easy to cook, store frozen and reheat whenever the time is right. However you chose to reheat butternut squash, it’s simple, quick and so delicious every time!