How to Reheat Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread, also known as “Pizza Bianca,” is a flat Italian bread made from dough that’s similar to pizza dough. It’s formed into rectangles and can be made both sweet and spicy. In Italy, focaccia bread is sold as street food.

This bread is recommended to be eaten right away, only having a fridge life of around 2 days. To keep it fresh for longer you can freeze it. That way the bread lasts a month. Either way, you may want to reheat the bread to have it back to being warm and tasty. 

It’s simple to reheat focaccia bread. There’s no need to worry about consistency changes so there’s no special preparation. Two main ways of reheating focaccia bread include reheating in the oven or putting slices in the toaster.


If you are reheating your focaccia bread from frozen, it is a good idea to thaw before heating. Of course, you can always heat directly from frozen. If the bread got particularly icy in the fridge, it’s good to remove that excess moisture before heating.

The best way to thaw focaccia bread is to leave it in the fridge overnight. It will slowly thaw and be ready to reheat the next day. 

If the package has ice on it, remove the bread from the packaging and wrap it in some plastic or paper towel. Otherwise, the ice on the inside can make the bread soggy. This doesn’t happen often though.

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Reheating in the Oven

Reheating in the oven is the best way to return the bread to its delicious original form. The slower heating gives the focaccia bread a crispy/flakey texture. It’s also a great method when you want to reheat the entire loaf.

You can either start with thawed bread or you can reheat in the oven directly from the freezer. Thawing will allow the bread to get nice and crispy.

  • Step 1: Preheat your oven to 375℉ and place your bread onto a baking sheet. 
  • Step 2: Once the oven is preheated, allow the bread to bake for 6-10 minutes. Wait until it returns to its original crispy form.
  • Step 3: Allow to cool and enjoy. Make sure to eat the rest of this bread within a few days. 

If you want your bread to reheat faster or to get even crispier, wrap the loaf in aluminum foil before putting it in the oven. Check at 4 or 5 minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Reheating in the Toaster

If you only want to reheat a few slices at a time, you can reheat your focaccia bread in the toaster. This can be done with bread straight from the freezer or bread that you thawed overnight. 

  • Step 1: If your loaf is not already sliced, slice it into pieces small enough to fit in your toaster.
  • Step 2: Use the toaster setting that you prefer. Lower settings will not heat the bread as much and higher temps can turn the bread crispy. Be careful not to burn the bread.
  • Step 3: Once the toaster is done with its job, enjoy your slices of focaccia bread. 
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Can Focaccia Bread Be Reheating in the Microwave?

It is not recommended to reheat your bread in the microwave. It will make the bread warm but will completely mess up the texture.

 If you use the microwave, you will not get crispy bread. Instead, it will be on the softer side. If you only microwave it for a short amount of time, it will just be slightly soft. If you try to get the oven-baked results, however, you may end up with soggy bread. 

Also, the microwave may not evenly heat the bread. If you’re microwaving a whole loaf, the center of the bread will still be cold. This is not a method you want to be using right out of the freezer. 

Final Thoughts

There are no worries to be had if you can’t use all your focaccia bread right away. No matter if you stored the bread in the fridge or freezer, there are simple ways to reheat it. The methods described above make sure that your focaccia bread keeps the same texture and taste as it had when freshly baked.

Continue to enjoy your focaccia bread with all the different flavors that it can have. From sweet to savory, focaccia bread can be added to any meal. When thawed and reheated properly, friends and family won’t be able to tell that it’s not fresh!