11 Peach Schnapps Substitutes With the Same Peachy Flavor

Fuzzy Navel, Peach Martini, Georgia Peach… these are just a few of the popular drinks that use the delicious peach schnapps. The list is almost endless though. Mixing the fruity peach liquor in any cocktail makes for a bright, fruity, and peachy flavor and it is very versatile.

What do you do if you run out of peach schnapps, can’t find any, want to try something different, or maybe you are looking for a non-alcoholic version? Whatever your reason for needing a peach schnapps substitute, there are plenty of options available. You could try: other peach liquors, peach syrup, peach puree, or even peach extract to get that delicious peach flavor!

What Exactly Is Peach Schnapps?

If you have ever used  schnapps, chances are you’ve come across peach schnapps. But what exactly is it? Let’s start with the base – schnapps. Schnapps originated in Germany and is a clear, alcoholic beverage that is made with juniper berries and typically contains a lower alcohol percentage than other liquors, usually around 20% alcohol. 

The schnapps is then flavored with fruits, herbs, or other flavorings. Peach schnapps is made by fermenting the peaches and a syrup during the distilling process. Peaches are a sweet stone fruit that provide a sweet flavor to the liquor.

Is Peach Liqueur the Same as Peach Schnapps?

Although both peach liqueur and peach schnapps are a peach based alcoholic beverage, they are different. Liqueurs are made by taking a distilled alcohol and flavoring it with another ingredient, in this case peaches. Peach schnapps uses the fruit as a part of the distilling process and so ferments the peaches along with the alcohol.

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What Can I Use Instead of Peach Schnapps?

Peach margaritas, Fuzzy Navels, and even peach teas are all great drinks to add peach schnapps in. But, what if you can’t find any or need something that doesn’t have alcohol? Whatever your reason, there are many different options to consider to replace peach schnapps with while still providing that delicious peach flavor! 

1. Peach Liqueur

Since peach liqueur is so similar to peach schnapps, if you are needing a good replacement in your favorite cocktail, this is a good one to use. Some peach liqueurs are made with just peach flavoring so may have a more artificial taste to it. Be sure and find one that is made with real peach juice!

2. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice could work in a pinch to replace peach schnapps if you are needing a fruity element to your drink. Whether you are making a punch or a cocktail, fruit juice is easy to find and lost people like the sweet, fruity flavor. 

3. Apricot Brandy

Apricot brandy would make a good choice if needing a peach schnapps substitute. Brandies are similar to schnapps, except that the former is aged in an oak barrel giving brandy a distinct oaky flavor. 

Apricot is also a stone fruit, similar to peaches. Apricot brandy may have a slightly different flavor profile from the brandy, but would make a fine substitute. 

4. Peach Vodka

Vodkas are another clear liquor that is similar in taste to schnapps. The biggest difference between vodka and schnapps is that vodka is made by fermenting potatoes, and has a much higher alcohol content. 

Flavor wise, peach vodka is very similar to peach schnapps and would make a good substitute. However, it may be a good idea to add less of the peach vodka because of its high alcohol content. 

5. Peach Extract

If you are baking something and needing a peach flavor, peach extract would make a great alternative to peach schnapps. Keep in mind that extracts are sometimes made with artificial flavors and more than likely you won’t need more than a teaspoon for your recipe. 

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You could also add a splash of peach extract to your tea, lemonade, cocktail,  or other beverage for a quick peach flavor. 

6. Peach Ice Tea

If you are looking for a great nonalcoholic peach drink to sip on, try pouring yourself a nice tall glass of peach iced tea. Crisp and refreshing, peach tea makes for a great drink for your next picnic. Try garnishing with fresh peach slices for even more peach flavor. 

7. Peach Soda

Some cocktails or other nonalcoholic beverages call for a carbonated element. Peach soda can do the job giving you that bubbly effect and peach flavor. Adding a splash to your next drink or just enjoying a full glass of peach soda makes for a good peach schnapps replacement. 

8. Peach Syrup

Peach syrup is simply peaches mixed with sugar, forming a syrup and would make a good replacement to peach schnapps. You can quickly make your own version of peach schnapps by adding peach syrup to any liquor you have on hand. Or, if you are making a drink and want some fruity flavor, adding some peach syrup is a great idea. 

9. Peach Juice

Another great alternative for nonalcoholic drinks is peach juice. Whether the juice uses 100% fresh peaches, or is made with artificial flavors, peach juice makes a great replacement for peach schnapps. 

10. Peach Purée 

Peach purée is another good choice to use if you need a replacement for peach schnapps. You can mix this with any liquor you have on hand or add it in various recipes for unbeatable peach flavor. Using peach purée in a margarita is an excellent choice!

11. Peach Brandy

Because peach brandy is so similar in flavor to peach schnapps, it would make a great alternative. Brandy is aged in oak barrels so there would be a slight oaky finish to the peach liquor, and it also has more of an amber color to it. If the color doesn’t affect the drink you are making, it would be just fine to use. 

Can You Make Your Own Peach Schnapps?

Making your own peach schnapps is a fun and easy thing to do. You won’t need any fancy equipment, just a little patience, some juicy peaches and clear liquor!

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How to Make Homemade Peach Schnapps

Making your own peach schnapps is a simple process and is a great idea to make as a gift, just be sure to keep some for yourself!

  • Start by washing, peeling, and dicing ripe peaches
  • Place the prepared peaches in a clean mason jar along with a clear liquor (vodka works great!) and some lemon peel.
  • Secure the lid on the jar and steep for a few days.
  • Strain the peach flavored liquor into a clean jar and then add a little simple syrup to sweeten it to your liking. 

With a few simple ingredients and a few days you are well on your way to homemade peach schnapps. 


When it comes to peach flavored anything, peach schnapps is delicious! Let’s explore some more about this peach beverage. 

What is the best brand of Peach Schnapps?

The best brand of peach schnapps will depend on your personal preference. However, for a strong peach flavor, try the Archers Peach Schnapps. 

Can I drink Peach Schnapps by itself?

You can absolutely drink peach schnapps by itself. Serving it cold or on the rocks is a good idea, but sipping on or taking a shot of peach schnapps is just fine. 

Do peach schnapps have real peaches in them?

Peach schnapps is made with real peaches. However, some brands of schnapps may also use artificial peach flavor or just artificial flavor. Be sure you find one with real peaches for the best flavor. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are making a cocktail for your next dinner party, wanting a refreshing glass of peach tea, or even making peach ice cream – chances are you may want to use peach schnapps.

If you can’t find any peach schnapps or need something without alcohol, there are plenty of options to consider, such as: peach brandy, peach extract, peach purée, or even a peach soda would all make good substitutes to peach schnapps.