How to Reheat Steak in Oven Foil

 Have you seen some of the sizes of meat you can get at a restaurant? Some of those big slabs of beef can just be too much for one sitting. That said, you take home leftovers. 

What happens to those leftovers? You don’t want to chuck out entirely fine steak, so what should you do? You can safely and effectively reheat your steak in multiple ways, like the microwave or air fryer. Still, your best reheating method would be in the oven. 

Is Reheating Steak Safe?

Reheating rare steak or just steak, in general, is entirely safe as long as you reheat the steak up to the actual temperature internally it was prior, for example: 

  • It would be best if you reheated a rare steak to an internal temperature of 110°F. 
  • It would be best if you reheated a well-done steak to an internal temp of 160°F. 

Can You Reheat Steak With Aluminum Foil?

Yes, you can reheat steak with aluminum foil! Wrapping your steak in aluminum foil can help your steak keep its tenderness and moisture while you reheat your steak. However, the FSA (Food Standards Agency) recommends that you do not reheat your steak more than one time. 

How to Reheat Steak in Oven Using Aluminum Foil

Reheating steak in your oven is an easy task that you can do in about 20 to 30 minutes! Wrapping your steak in aluminum foil can keep the fats and juices in your steak, preventing your steak from drying out. 

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Follow the subsequent steps to warm up your steak with aluminum foil in your oven! 


  1. Pull your steak from your fridge, and let it sit on the counter until it hits room temperature.
    1. Usually, it takes 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of your steak. 
  2. Wrap your steak in aluminum foil so that none of the beef is showing. Ensure you do not miss this step.
    1. Aluminum foil will really help keep your steak’s moisture. 
  3. Set your aluminum-wrapped steak in your 250°F oven. 
  4. Reheat your steak until it reaches just below 160°F internally.
    1. Roughly 20 to 30 minutes. 
  5. Let your steak rest for several minutes after reheating. 
  6. Enjoy your juicy, reheated steak! 

What are Other Ways of Reheating Steak?

There are a few other ways that you could reheat your steak, as well as the oven. Most methods that you can use are suitable for reheating any steak. 

Some other ways you could reheat your steak include: 

  • Reheating your steak on the stovetop.
    • Pan-frying. 
  • Warm up your steak in the microwave.
    • Heat in 30-second intervals, flipping your steak each time. 
  • Reheating your steak using a Sous Vide.
    • Vacuum seal your steak in a vacuum-sealable bag and seal bag. 
    • Then, fill a large pot with 120°F to 130°F water and attach your sous vide machine. 
    • Follow the provided instructions for the sous vide machine. 
    • Gingerly cook for around 5 to 8 minutes. 
  • Reheat your steak using your air fryer.
    • First, you should preheat your air fryer to around 350°F and then place your steak in the air fryer basket.
    •  Reheat your steak; check on your steak about every 2 minutes as air fryers cook rapidly. 
    • Cook your steak until you reach an internal temperature of 110°F to 130°F.
  • Warm your steak in a bit of broth.
    • Heat your broth of choice in a saucepan for roughly 1 to 2 minutes until it begins to bubble.
    • Add your steak to the pot. 
    • Cook gently on medium heat for approximately 1 to 2 minutes. 
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That said, there are numerous ways to warm your leftover steak; no need to fret about letting that expensive piece of beef go to waste. 


In summary, there are numerous ways to reheat your steak. Wrapping your steak in aluminum foil and then placing it in the oven at 250°F for roughly 20 to 30 minutes is the best way to warm your leftover steak!