5 Soy Milk Powder Substitutes

Powdered milk is created by dehydrating milk. In this case, soy milk powder is from dehydrated soy milk. This is both useful for those who can’t have dairy and those who need a shelf-stable milk product. Powdered milk is also used in many baking or candy-making recipes.

Some people may need dehydrated milk and don’t have powdered soy milk around. Or maybe the store has run out right at the worst time. Not to fear, soy milk powder has many substitutes depending on what you need from a powdered milk. 

1. Regular Milk Powder

As soy milk is an alternative to regular milk, vice versa is true. If you aren’t lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, using regular powdered milk will work just as well. Also, you don’t need to change any measurements.

Since regular milk is similar in taste to soy milk, this will be the option that gives the closest taste and texture to the original recipe. Just remember that regular milk still contains lactose. 

2. Other Dairy-Free Milk Powders

You can easily use other dairy-free alternatives such as powdered coconut milk, powdered almond milk, or even powdered oat milk. Again, since these are powders, you won’t have to change any measurements. The only thing that will be changed is the taste since each alternative has its own taste. If using powdered milk in baking, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

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3. Liquid Kinds of Milk

Liquid and powdered milk are the same things, just with different forms and processing methods. You can substitute powdered soy milk with liquid soy milk, cow milk, or any other kind of liquid milk that you have.

When using liquid milk instead of powdered milk, you must use a different measurement. Use 1 cup of liquid milk for every ¼ cup of powdered milk. 

This substitution shouldn’t be used for any delicate recipes or recipes where more liquid will make it soggy. It’s best to only use this substitution when the recipe also calls for water. The water will help with large texture changes. For baked goods, it can be good to add extra flour when using this substitution. 

4. Rice Powder

Even though rice powder isn’t made from milk, it can be used to substitute powdered soy milk. This is also a great alternative if allergic to lactose, dairy, or even nuts. 

There is no need to change measurements with rice powder, but do know that the rice powder may change the recipe’s taste. Rice powder can make the dish sweeter, so balance accordingly. 

5. Nut Powders

This is similar to using nut milk powders, but this powder didn’t have any water added to it. Essentially, it’s extremely raw nut milk powder (as nut milk is made with blended nuts and water.)

Each kind of nut used will bring a different taste, but at least there’s no need to change the measurements. 

Final Thoughts

There are many substitutes to powdered soy milk, so one shouldn’t worry when that ingredient isn’t available. You have options to choose from, each with its own characteristics or dietary accommodations. Of course, if you’re allergic to dairy, stay away from the regular milk options. 

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When you use the substitution that works best for your recipe, there will be little evidence that there were changes at all. 

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