10 Great Substitutes for Sweet Potato Starch

Want to make a stir fry but don’t have sweet potato starch? Well, what can you use instead?

Cornstarch, arrowroot powder, potato flour, tapioca starch, coconut flour, almond flour, mochiko flour, and instant mashed potatoes are all good substitutes for sweet potato starch.

What is it?

So, what is sweet potato starch? 

Sweet potato starch is the pure starch that is derived from sweet potatoes. It is a fine white powder that has no odor and no taste. 

What is it used for?

Sweet potato starch can be used for many things.

It is a common ingredient in many 

  • Chinese noodles
  • Stir fry
  • Baked goods

It is also used in the production of sweeteners!

What can you use instead?

If you’re preparing a recipe that calls for sweet potato starch, but you don’t have access to this ingredient, don’t worry! There’s plenty of ingredients that you can use instead!

1. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is a great substitute for sweet potato starch. You can use this in a 1:1 ratio. 

Cornstarch is also a white powdery substance. Instead of being derived from sweet potatoes, it’s made from the endosperm of the corn-grain.

It is a thickener and is good to use in sauces but can also be used in baking.

2. Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is also a good substitute for sweet potato starch. You can use 2 teaspoons of arrowroot powder for every 1 tablespoon of sweet potato starch.

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This substance is also a fine white powder. It’s also used as a thickener, similarly to starches.

 It is a great option for gluten-free dishes as well!

3. Potato Flour

Potato flour can be used as a substitute for sweet potato starch. You can use this in a 1:1 ratio with sweet potato starch.

Potato flour is made using entire potatoes, whereas sweet potato starch is made by extracting the starch from the potato. This gives it an earthy taste, so it is best used in baked goods like breads and crusts instead of sweets and deserts. 

4. Tapioca Starch

Tapioca starch can be used in dishes that call for sweet potato starch. If you’re using a small amount of this in a dish, you can use is in a 1:1 ratio for sweet potato starch. It’s great for using as a thickening agent in things like sauces and soups. However, if you are using a larger amount in baked goods or any other dish that calls for more starch, be careful using this product. It can make your end product sticky and chewy.

This type of starch is made from the roots of the cassava plant. It is a white powder, much like the other types of starch.

5. Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is a sweet substitute for sweet potato starch. This product can be used by reducing the quantity by 10-15% because the consistency is a bit different than a starch.

Coconut flour is made by drying and grinding up coconut meat.

This is a great keto-friendly and paleo-friendly option. It would be a good choice in desserts and other baked goods due to its sweet taste.

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6. Almond Flour

You can substitute almond flour for sweet potato starch as well. You can use this in a 1:1 ratio to sweet potato starch.

Almond flour is made by grinding and sifting boiled and skinned almonds until they have a flour-like consistency. It has a sweet and nutty flavor and would be a great option for using in baking and desserts.

7. Mochiko Flour

Mochiko flour is another good substitute for sweet potato starch. You can use this in a 1:1 ratio to sweet potato starch as well.

Mochiko flour is made by milling the short-grain rice, called mochigome, into a fine powder.

This is a good option to use as a thickener or in baked goods!

8. Instant Mashed Potatoes

Although a lesser-known option, you can use instant mashed potatoes as a substitute for sweet potato starch. You can use this product in a 1:1 ratio to sweet potato starch.

Instant mashed potatoes are made by cooking, mashing, and dehydrated potatoes.

Make sure you pulse this product in a food processor to get the fine powder consistency before you use it in your dish!

9. Wheat Flour

You can also substitute wheat flour for sweet potato starch. You can do this using about double the amount of wheat flour.

Wheat flour, or all-purpose flour, is a great option because most people have it laying around their pantry already. As the name suggests, it is made from grinding up seeds from the wheat plant into a powder consistency.

It’s good to use as a thickener or in baked goods!

10. Rice Flour

Rice flour is a good substitute for sweet potato starch in some dishes. Generally, use around 2 tablespoons of rice flour for every cup of liquid your recipe calls for.

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Rice flour is made by cooking, dehydrating, and grinding up grains of rice until they are a flour-like consistency. 

This product won’t be as good of a thickener as some of the other options we’ve previously listed. It can also have a grainy texture, so keep this in mind when using rice flour as a substitute.


There are many great products you can use as a substitute for sweet potato starch in your dish! Don’t be discouraged if you find you’re out of sweet potato starch or are trying to make a gluten-free dish.

Try using one of these instead and enjoy your delicious baked goods, stir fry, or whatever else you have found to cook!