5 Substitutes for Trout

Trout is a very popular fish, and has a flavor that is similar to that of salmon. The flesh of trout is a little flaky and orange to pink in color. It’s a healthy fish to eat and has a delicate texture. It’s meaty and its taste is similar to steak

There are many reasons someone would want a trout substitute. Maybe it’s not available near you, too expensive, or you’re just wanting something different. Whatever the case is, there are plenty of substitutes for trout that are likely available near you.

Trout is a meaty fish best known for its excellent source of protein. It’s a slow growing fish so therefore can get rather expensive. Some suitable replacements for trout are tuna, white seabass, flounder, tilapia, and tilefish.

1. Tuna

Tuna is a good substitute for trout because it has a strong flavor that’s subtly fishy. It can be stronger in taste than some trout. The texture of tuna is mushy but firm. It also has fewer calories and costs less than trout. 

Tuna can be cooked in similar ways as trout, such as grilling, poaching, broiling, baking, and frying. Fillets of tuna vary more in size than trout does, but it’s relatively easy to match the fillet size that you want.

2. White Seabass

The white seabass fish is found in the Pacific Ocean, all the way from Mexico up to Alaska. It makes for a good trout replacement because it has a similar, tender texture. It’s priced similarly to trout but has fewer calories. It also has less fat than trout, but only one percent less protein content. 

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3. Flounder

Flounder is a general name for species that are related and found all over the world. This includes, but is not limited to: Atlantic Ocean, Gulf, Summer, Southern, European, and Witch flounder. It has a mild to sweet flavor, like the brook trout.

If you like less of a fishy taste, flounder is the trout substitute for you. Its texture is similar to trout, and tender. It also has just over half the amount of calories that trout does, and is more affordable.

4. Tilapia

For almost two decades, tilapia has been the fourth most consumed fish in the United States. Tilapia is the most common name for multiple species of the cichlid fish. It has a mild taste that isn’t too fishy, and a tender texture. It also has less calories and is less expensive than trout. 

Tilapia fillets are smaller than trout fillets, but can be cooked using the same methods. Tilapia also has more potassium and protein than trout, and less fat. 

5. Tilefish

Tilefish can be found all over the Atlantic Ocean, from Florida to Canada. They live near the bottom of the ocean and hide in crevices. They make a good replacement for trout because their taste is mild and sweet, but with less of a fishy flavor. 

Tilefish also has less calories than trout, and is priced similarly. It can be cooked using the same methods, and fillets come in various sizes. 


Because trout is a slow-growing fish, it can be difficult to find, and expensive at that. If you’re having difficulty finding trout or want to try something different, there are many satisfactory replacements. They are all cheaper or equal to the price of trout, and have fewer calories. If you enjoy fish, you’re sure to find a suitable trout replacement on this list.