What Does Coffee With Butter Taste Like?

The keto diet craze introduced us to a lot of different things. One of these was putting butter in our coffee. Often confused with bulletproof coffee, the dieters claimed the high-fat content of butter would keep them more satiated during the day.

If you put butter alone into your morning coffee, it will taste like greasy, black coffee. The butter adds very little flavor, but the texture is overwhelmingly oily. You can also add almond milk to your coffee.

However, with some simple additions and alterations, you can give the trend of coffee with butter a try.  With a few tips, you can have a nice texture as well.

Butter in Coffee vs Bulletproof Coffee

Often when people talk about putting butter in their coffee, they are actually referring to bulletproof coffee. While both involve butter, the processes are different.

Butter in Coffee

If you are interested in putting butter in your coffee you are probably hoping to keep yourself full until lunch. Keto dieters often use this strategy to skip breakfast and mid-morning snacks.

However, if you simply attempt to melt butter into your coffee, you will most likely be confused as to how this is a common practice. Allowing butter to melt in your coffee simply makes it greasy. And since oil and water don’t mix, the butter sits on top of the coffee.

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Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee consists of putting butter and coconut oil, or a close alternative in the coffee. However, you don’t simply melt them in. 

In order to make proper bulletproof coffee, you need to blend butter, coconut oil, and your coffee together. You’ll then whip the three together to create a frothy texture, similar to a latte.

When made in this way, the coffee does not have a greasy texture and feels lighter and foamy. You also get a rich texture from the butter that tastes mild and pleasant.

Tips for Getting Your Coffee Well Mixed and Frothy

There isn’t much better than an excellently blended latte. Conversely, undermixing the oils in your coffee will cause it to separate and you’ll be left with that oily texture.

Don’t Mix By Hand

You want to mix the coffee quickly to get air bubbles. The air bubbles are what gives the coffee its frothy consistency. While using a milk frother is best, most people don’t keep them on hand.

Stick Blender

A stick blender will help give your coffee with butter the proper consistency, however, it tends to be messy in a small mug.

If you want to use a stick blender, make sure you’re ready for some clean-up.

Mason Jar

You can use a mason jar to help blend your coffee. Put all the ingredients in the jar and shake as vigorously as possible. You can then transfer to a traditional coffee mug.

Blender Bottle

A blender bottle is made specifically for shaking. It comes with a small wire ball to incorporate air into your beverage. Try this for an extra foamy treat.

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How to Enjoy Butter in Your Coffee

You are free to enjoy your coffee any way you like. However, if you’d like to make the butter in your coffee taste richer and frothy, skip just melting it in.

Blend it well and the incorporated air bubbles will lead to a rich coffee that bears a strong resemblance to a latte.

If you are looking for acidic, oily coffee (no judgment!) just go ahead and melt the butter into your coffee. Since the butter won’t mix well, it will sit on top and not add much flavor to your coffee.