What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like?

If you’ve only ever had cheese made from cow’s milk, there’s a whole world for you to experience. Much of the world uses goat’s milk to make cheese and other dairy products. While somewhat similar in appearance, goat cheese and cow cheese are different in both taste and texture. 

Overall, goat cheese is somewhat tart, tangy, and earthy. Typically, it will also be moist and creamy. However, depending on the type of cheese, the texture can be either hard, soft, crumbly, or spreadable.

Differences Between Goat Cheese and Cow Cheese

Generally, goat’s milk cheese has a tangier flavor with a smoother and creamier texture than cow milk cheese. It’s often moderately sour and overall has a stronger flavor.

Cheeses made from cow’s milk are generally harder, sweeter, and less flavorful. Cream cheese might be the closest resemblance to goat’s milk cheese as it has a bit of tanginess to it.

Types of Goat Cheeses

While the most common form of goat cheese is a soft chevre, it isn’t the only type of goat cheese. There are many different types and all have their own unique tastes and textures. Let’s talk about some of the most popular ones.

Goat Brie

Brie made with goat’s milk is a fairly mild-flavored cheese with a hint of cream and lemon. It’s slightly sweet and delicate.

It has a somewhat sticky texture which is perfect for crackers or bread.

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Goat Bonne Bouche

This cheese tastes sweet and somewhat mellow. It carries notes of yeast, lemon, and milk. Sometimes it tastes a bit of a walnut-like flavor as it ages.

It’s spreadable, creamy cheese which is often eaten with grapes or nuts.

Goat Nababbo

Nababboo tastes salty, yeasty, and somewhat fruity. 

It has a creamy and supple texture. It’s commonly eaten on hearty bread with meat such as prosciutto or ham.


This cheese tastes like hazelnuts and has a warm earthy flavor. There is only the slightest hint of tanginess to Garroxta.

It has a velvety texture that is soft, moist, pliable, and melts in the mouth.


Ticklemore has a floral and herb-like flavor. It’s rich with a somewhat earthy finish.

This cheese has a texture that is fairly crumbly.

Humboldt Fog

This is a salty, tangy goat cheese that tastes like sour cream and citrus fruit. It has a nice lemon finish as well.

Like Ticklemore, it has a fairly crumbly texture.

Aged Goat Gouda

This is similar to a regular gouda. It’s got that butterscotch, bourbon flavor, but also has a bit of sharper sweetness as well.

It has a somewhat crunchy, crystalline texture on the surface with a velvet smooth texture beneath. 

The Takeaway

Goat cheese can be used in similar ways to cow cheese. However, it has a tangier and earthier flavor. 

Depending on the type of goat cheese the flavor and texture will vary. 

If you want a more milk cheese try to find a brie made with goat’s milk. However, you are after a more flavorful cheese, pick up some aged goat gouda.