What Does Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream Taste Like?

With over 50% of American adults consuming coffee every day, it’s no surprise ‘nitro’ coffee was created. Nitro cold brew is served chilled and contains more caffeine than espresso due to the pressurized gas used to create it. If you’re looking for a drink to bring you back from the dead, a Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream is the way to go.

Nitro has a slightly bitter taste but is sweeter and less acidic than your typical black coffee. The sweet cream has a very subtle sweetness to it and is mostly added to mellow out the intensity of the nitro. 

What is Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream?

Nitro Cold Brew

Similar to a normal black iced coffee, nitro is a caffeinated beverage derived from coffee beans. It is created by adding pressurized nitrogen gas to the brewing process of a cold brew coffee. Because cold brew requires a bit more coffee in comparison to water, and because the nitrogen can get expensive, you’ll need to expect a bit of a price increase when ordering yourself any nitro cold brew drink.

Sweet Cream

The sweet cream is poured over the top of the nitro cold brew for a bit of added sweetness and creaminess. Despite the name implying added sugar, sweet cream gets its sweetness only from the cream and has no additives (if done correctly). The cream is always served cold and fluffy!

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The Initial Impression

Nitro cold brew coffee is much sweeter than a classic black coffee and is slightly sweeter than a traditional cold brew. The acidity level is higher, the coffee is more concentrated, and the fact that it is served chilled takes the edge off of the bitterness.

The Aftertaste

A nitro cold brew is still a coffee, so expect that bitter aftertaste you’re used to. Though the drink is sweet in comparison with other coffee, it is strong and pungent, so you’ll want to be ready for an intense flavor. Luckily, the sweet cream balances out the intensity to create a lighter blend that softens the bold aftertaste of the nitro cold brew.



Nitro cold brew usually has a frothy texture similar to that of a beer served on tap. It is full of bubbles and goes down smoothly. The chill of the temperature will also add to that frothy feeling.

Both Thin & Thick

The nitro cold brew itself is a thin drink that is softer than soda and lighter than water. In contrast, the sweet cream is thick and creamy, and the froth atop the nitro cold brew adds to that thickness. The combination of the two flavors seems like it would be odd, but they blend together quite beautifully.

How to Order a Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream

Where to Find One

Most large chain coffee shops have a nitro cold brew option that can be ordered with sweet cream on top. While some smaller, local places will offer a nitro cold brew option, many will not due to the increased expenses. You may want to check your local coffee shop’s online menu or call ahead if you’re dying to try one.

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What are the options?

Nitro cold brews come in a variety of flavors, such as caramel, pumpkin, blueberry, peppermint, and interesting flavors such as lavender or coconut! Check the menu to see what options are available to you, and then decide on your sweet cream. Most places will only offer the traditional sweet cream with no added sugars or flavors, but some will offer vanilla or hazelnut options.

How to Order

You’ll want to select the type of nitro cold brew you want first and then ask for sweet cream options. A lot of places will charge extra for sweet cream (usually it’s around $0.50 extra), so make sure to ask about a charge if you’re curious. Try mixing and matching different flavors until you find the perfect pair! 


The latest coffee craze is on the rise, and it seems like everyone’s loving it! The smooth, not-too-bitter flavor of the cold brew paired with the semi-sweet sweet cream is a pair that is absolutely to die for. If you’re not a big sweet coffee drinker, you can also order nitro cold brew without the sweet cream. Enjoy your caffeine!

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