What to Serve With Artichokes 

Artichokes are a vegetable that are both healthy and flavorful. They can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as steamed, grilled, stuffed, or braised. They are pretty versatile, and can be served alongside a plethora of other foods.  

What to Serve with Artichokes? 11 Best Side Dishes Recommendation 

Regardless of how you choose to prepare your artichokes, there are plenty of options for side dishes to eat with them. Some of the best side dishes to serve with artichokes include: mashed potatoes, a grilled cheese sandwich, rice, dipping sauces, bruschetta, asparagus, cheese, shellfish, mushrooms, egg salad, and pizza.

Why Serve Artichokes With Side Dishes?

The versatility of artichokes makes a perfect opportunity to eat them in addition to other foods. Their flavor complements the flavor of many other foods, and you can create an entire meal based off of artichokes. 

Eating a side dish with your artichokes can add even more nutrients to your plate, as well as flavor. As the side dishes and artichokes bring out the unique tastes of each other, you’ll be glad you took the extra time to prepare a hearty meal. 

What Side Dishes Go Well With Artichokes?

You could incorporate basically any type of dinner food to go along with your artichokes. Below are some of the most popular options for what goes well with artichokes.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic dinner piece. They go well with nearly every other food, and you can add the same flavorings you might use for your artichokes. They are also a very low-effort side dish that provides sufficient nutrition.

The soft texture of mashed potatoes paired with the crunchier texture of artichokes makes for a great meal. Both dishes can be made in minutes, or complicated in any way you like.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A grilled cheese sandwich is another low-effort food that pairs wonderfully with artichokes. It is a favorite amongst picky eaters, and many people like to put their artichoke hearts into their sandwiches to add some more vibrancy to the dish.

The sweet, greasy sandwich perfectly complements the crunchy and peppery artichoke. The combination of the two may sound outlandish, but is sure to satisfy.

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Rice is a perfect food for any occasion when you need an extra addition to your plate. It’s easy to make, widely available at stores, and nutritious. There are also various types of rice to choose from; like brown or white, and short or long. 

Whether you prefer to steam or boil your rice, it is another side dish that can be dressed down or up. For example, you could eat the rice as is, or add some soy sauce. If you want to add even more complexity to your meal you could add some other veggies like carrots, peas, and onions.

Sauces for Dipping

Dipping sauces may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what to serve with artichokes. It is a less conventional approach, but is certainly logical, as artichoke hearts are the perfect size for hand-dipping them into sauces.

Obviously, artichokes tend to taste better when they are flavored more. So, if you aren’t the biggest fan of veggies, using dipping sauces is a perfect way to get your greens in without disliking the experience. Plus, you can customize it however you see fit. Any sauce can work, but ingredients like mayonnaise, garlic, lemon, and sriracha enhance the flavor of artichoke best.

Stuffing artichokes with creamy sauces is another great choice. The textures blend perfectly. Try stuffing your artichokes with feta cheese, garlic, and other spices before cooking them. It’s only a few extra minutes of prep time for an entirely different food.


Bruschetta is a type of grilled bread that has olive oil added to it. Most often, it is eaten with toppings such as tomatoes, salt, and cheese. If you have the time, you could try making bruschetta to go with your artichokes.

You can cut up the artichoke hearts and eat them along with the other toppings of your bruschetta, or eat them separately. To make bruschetta, you will need to slice some baguette bread and cook it for just a few minutes. Typically, one serving of bruschetta is between two and four slices of bread.


It’s no secret that veggies taste good with other veggies. Asparagus is a popular side dish for artichokes, but you could really use any other green veggie. Asparagus will add an extra flavor element to your meal, and it is also extremely healthy.

To cook asparagus, just place the desired amount onto a tray for baking and cook for about 15 minutes, depending on the strength of your oven. Asparagus, like other veggies, can also be grilled, sauteed, roasted, steamed, or broiled, to name a few.

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What doesn’t cheese go with? There are so many different varieties, and they can be used for any occasion. Cheese is a food that can be eaten casually or as a fancier option, depending on the variety you choose. Regardless, it is always a hit with guests.

Some types of cheese that pair the best with artichokes include parmesan, feta, but you can feel free to use any type you like. Parmesan is a popular choice for serving with artichokes because it has a pungent taste and comes in many forms (powder, slices, blocks).

Feta is a popular choice for artichokes as well, partly because of its pungent taste. It can also be crumbled on top of artichoke hearts, or stuffed into them before cooking. Whichever cheese you decide to eat with your artichokes is sure to give the food a whole new meaning.


Shellfish is a less conventional approach to artichoke sides, but the flavors do complement artichokes well. They cover the bitter aspects of the artichokes, which is something many people avoid artichokes for.

When you eat artichokes with shellfish, the bitterness is replaced with a type of sweetness. Many shellfish are close to the size of artichoke hearts too, such as shrimp, scallops, and oysters. They are a unique option but the flavors blend almost seamlessly with the taste of the artichokes.


You have probably seen mushrooms being eaten with artichokes. This is for good reason, their textures complement each other and they are both veggies that can be prepared in similar ways. 

Mushrooms and artichokes can even be cooked together, saving you more time than most of the other sides for artichokes. Next time you cook artichokes, try adding some mushrooms as well as garlic, parsley, or other spices. These two veggies bring out the pungent flavors in each other. 

Egg Salad

Eggs are a particularly good option for steamed artichokes. One way to do this is by adding the artichokes to scrambled eggs, and having a sort of salad. You could also just fry some eggs and eat them on the side with your artichokes.

Making an artichoke and egg salad can be a game-changer. Eggs are high in protein, and artichokes are high in fiber. The two together make a healthy match, and many of the same spices and butters can be used for both.


You have probably at least heard of artichokes serving as a pizza serving. If you aren’t the biggest fan of them, or one of your guests isn’t, pizza can be the perfect compromise. Artichokes go well with cheese and bread, as mentioned, and can balance out flavors of the meat.

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Plus, when you make your own pizza or buy a frozen one you are in control of how much and what ingredients are on it. Pizza isn’t typically associated with healthiness, but with artichokes, you can make a relatively healthy pizza.

What’s the Best Way to Serve Artichokes?

The best way to serve artichokes really boils down to one’s personal preference. Generally, serving them with a dip is a crowd pleaser, as well as alongside cheese or stuffed with cheese. It also depends on your intentions for the artichokes.

For example, if your artichokes are intended to be a side dish, mashed potatoes could be your best bet. If you’re looking to center a meal around artichokes, bruschetta or other veggies are a great option. Maybe you don’t even like artichokes, but are making an effort to eat healthier. In this case, pizza or bruschetta would be the artichoke meal for you.

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Related Questions

What flavors go well with artichokes?

The taste of artichokes is similar to that of brussels sprouts and asparagus. It is slightly nutty, bitter, and the texture is crunchy. So, you want something that can complement those elements or balance out the less desirable parts.

For example, many people dislike the bitter notes in artichokes. So, eating them with shrimp or cheese would solve that problem, as both of those foods are sweeter and stronger than artichoke is. 

Is artichoke good for losing weight?

Artichokes are low in calories and are a diuretic. Both of these properties make them a great food to incorporate for those trying to lose weight, as artichokes have the ability to burn fat at an impressive level.

They have even been used as a detoxifier in some cases. If you are on a weight loss journey or just want to feel healthier, artichokes are a perfect solution. They won’t make you feel bloated or weighed down, and help get rid of excess sodium and water in your body.

Should I boil or steam artichokes?

Artichokes can be prepared in various ways. Steaming and boiling them takes about the same amount of time and effort. However, steaming tends to trap more moisture than other methods. So, for the least risk of them drying out, steam your artichokes.


Artichokes are a nutritious vegetable. They can be prepared in various ways, and served with various foods. You’re sure to find a side for artichokes that you enjoy.