7 Substitutes for Jarlsberg Cheese

Are you making a cheese board but can’t find Jarlsberg cheese? Well, what can you use in its place?

Gruyere cheese, Emmentaler cheese, Comte cheese, Raclette cheese, mozzarella cheese, mild cheddar cheese, and Monterey jack cheese can all be used as substitutes for Jarlsberg cheese. 

Although they all have slightly different flavors, there are many different kinds of cheese you can use as an alternative to Jarlsberg. Whether you don’t like the taste of Jarlsberg, you’d like something more familiar, or you want to try something new, there are many options available to you.

Jarlsberg cheese substitutes

1. Gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is a great substitute for Jarlsberg cheese. It has the same coloring as Jarlsberg cheese and also melts well similarly to Jarlsberg cheese.

This cheese has a rich and creamy flavor and is a semi-soft cheese. It has some small holes in it but less than the original Swiss cheese.

2. Emmentaler cheese

Emmentaler cheese is another good substitute for Jarlsberg cheese. It is Swiss in heritage and widely known and used, sometimes known as the “original Swiss cheese.” 

This is a hard cheese with a light yellow color. It is easily recognizable by the holes in its appearance, and it is also a cow’s milk cheese.

This cheese can be used cold or warm as a substitute for Jarlsberg cheese.

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3. Comte cheese

Another alternative to Jarlsberg cheese is Comte cheese. It is a French-origin cheese and is made from cow’s milk.

It is a light yellow, semi-hard cheese. It has a smoky and sweet taste that can vary depending on how long it was aged.

This is a great cheese to use on a cheese board as a substitute for Jarlsberg.

4 .Raclette cheese

Raclette cheese is a good one to use in place of Jarlsberg cheese. This is a Swiss cheese that is generally used for melting over hot foods.

It has a creamy texture and a slightly sweet flavor. It also has a nutty flavor that is similar to Jarlsberg cheese.

This cheese melts down well and is a great substitute for Jarlsberg cheese.

5. Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella is an Italian cheese that can act as a substitute for Jarlsberg cheese.  It is a white cheese made from cow’s milk.

This is a widely known and commonly used cheese with a light, slightly sour taste. 

This is a good option if you’re looking for a more familiar cheese to use if you’re not sure about using Jarlsberg.

6. Mild cheddar cheese

You can also mildly cheddar as a substitute for Jarlsberg cheese. This is also a widely known and used cheese and is extremely common in stores.

This is a cow’s milk cheese that can be used for many types of dishes. It is an off-white color and has a mild, subtle taste. 

7. Monterey jack cheese

Monterey jack is another commonly found cheese that you can use as a replacement for Jarlsberg cheese.

It is a semi-hard and white cheese that’s made from cow’s milk. It has a mild and slightly sweet flavor. It melts down very well and is used often in Mexican dishes.

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What is Jarlsberg cheese?

Jarlsberg cheese originates in Norway.  It is a cow’s milk cheese and is a pale yellow color. It is a mild cheese with a rubber-like texture. It has a slightly nutty and buttery flavor. 

This cheese also has a lot of nutrients. Also, it can be used in healthier dishes due to its low-fat content.

Jarlsberg is a very commonly found cheese that is available in many stores and markets and is widely used. 

How do you use Jarlsberg cheese?

Jarlsberg is a versatile cheese and can be used in any number of ways. You can slice it and use it on sandwiches, cheese boards, or for a snack. You can also melt it and use it in dishes like

  • Fondues
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Casseroles
  • Quiches


After looking at a selection of different cheeses that you can use as a substitute for Jarlsberg cheese, you can see that there are a lot of options for you to choose from. It can be difficult to choose a cheese when there are so many options out there, but these options will help you choose one more similar to Jarlsberg cheese.

Ranging from sweet to sharper in flavor, the variety of cheeses can give your dish a whole new taste or can bring the same qualities as Jarlsberg cheese.

 Try out a few different options on a cheese board to find out which cheeses you prefer for your dish!