7 Velveeta Cheese Substitutes That You Can Use

Velveeta cheese is one of the most popular cheeses on the market. It has been around for more than 100 years and has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few decades. 

What is it that makes velveeta so well-loved and ubiquitous all over the world? It has to do with its creamy, rich, smooth flavor and texture and meltability. 

You can apply velveeta cheese to just about anything and it’ll always taste great.

But what is velveeta made of and how do you use it and what do you do if you don’t have any around the house? Are you able to still get that great, unique flavor that velveeta is known for even if you don’t have any in your refrigerator?

What’s Velveeta Cheese Made Of?

Velveeta cheese has been around for nearly 100 years now.

It was first made back in 1928 and is a processed cheese that is a mix of both cheddar and swiss and is known for its remarkably smooth and creamy texture and taste. 

It is a slightly sweet cheese, which allows it to be used in a number of different meals, such as grilled cheese sandwiches, pastas, and much more. 

It is also very popular in sauces that are applied to various foods. 

What is the Difference Between Velveeta and Regular Cheese? 

The difference between velveeta and regular cheese is that velveeta is actually a cheese “product”, created by combining two different types of cheeses to make a new one.

That is the main difference between velveeta and regular cheese. 

Aside from that, some people remark that the creamy texture of velveeta isn’t found in other types of normal cheese that you can buy at the grocery store. 

What Can I Use Instead of Velveeta Cheese?

Velveeta cheese is now found commonly in most stores that you visit but that doesn’t mean you will always have some handy and ready to be used. 

If there comes a time when you can’t rely on traditional, authentic velveeta cheese, you don’t have to worry. That is because there are several alternatives that you can employ that will give the great taste, texture, and aroma that so many people love from velveeta.

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You just have to be a little bit creative and rely on the ingredients and cheeses you already have in your home. 

Your kitchen has the answer and the alternatives for velveeta that you need. You just need to know what to look for. 

American Cheese

This is likely the route that most people use when they are looking for velveeta alternatives. 

Like velveeta, American cheese is actually a byproduct of cheddar cheese. Slices of this type of cheese are sometimes identical to Velveeta. 

If you are looking for something to use instead of Velveeta, American is a great alternative that will provide you with a very similar taste and will be applied to any dish or sauce just like Velveeta. You don’t even have to change the recipe’s instructions. 

Cheddar Cheese

It doesn’t matter if you are using sharp or mild, cheddar cheese will be a good substitute for Velveeta cheese. 

Just like Velveeta, cheddar cheese has a similar color profile of orange or light yellow. It also melts very well just like Velveeta and can be sliced too.

Swiss Cheese

The versatility of Swiss cheese makes it a great sub for Velveeta. You can slice Swiss or melt it or cube it and sprinkle it as shredded cheese. 

There are so many things you can do with Swiss cheese, just like Velveeta. The taste is a little different, but not by much.

Most people have Swiss cheese in their fridge because it is commonly used in many recipes. Therefore, you should be able to find this handy cheese if you need a Velveeta replacement. 

Monterey Jack Cheese

Monterey Jack cheese is made with cow’s milk and has a relatively mild flavor. But it’s also very versatile just like Velveeta is. 

The thing that makes it such a good Velveeta alternative is the fact that it is meltable and can be drizzled upon any number of dishes. It’s very common in many Mexican meals but can be used in a number of other types of cuisine too. 

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Pepper Jack Cheese

Since Pepper jack cheese is a version of Monterey Jack cheese, it can also be used in place of Velveeta cheese. 

It is usually used on many different types of sandwiches and is known for its strong and somewhat spicy flavor. It is also easily melted, like Velveeta cheese. 

Colby Cheese

American made Colby cheese can be used if you don’t have Velveeta. It is very similar to cheddar cheese, which is the most common Velveeta substitute. 

It is very soft and moist and also mild too, all of which makes it similar to Velveeta. You can melt it and use it in sauces or you can slice it, shred it, or cube it. 


Mozzarella is a very unique type of cheese that is used in many high-end dishes and meals. It has a very soft, creamy, specific flavor that has grown quite popular as a spread on breads and crackers and meats. 

The creaminess of mozzarella is what makes it so popular and such a great replacement for Velveeta. Because of that, you can melt it and spread it smoothly on a number of things. 

It is a genuine, real cheese and that is one of the things that people love about mozzarella. Its flavor is very unique and its texture is very soft. 

Final Thoughts

Velveeta cheese is one of the most popular products in the milk and cheese aisle and for good reason. It makes any number of meals better. 

But if you don’t have Velveeta cheese in your kitchen, you are still going to be able to enjoy the dishes that need it. Thankfully, there are many cheeses that you can use in place of Velveeta and they will all provide a lot of great flavor and texture too.