Are Yogurt and Granola Healthy?

Having yogurt with granola is a classic quick and healthy breakfast. At least, that’s what we have always been told. With many of the yogurts out there that are high in sugar with funky artificial flavors or the ones with candy added in them, it can make one wonder if this is a healthy meal. 

Yogurt and Granola can be really healthy, depending on the kind of yogurt and granola you use. There are healthier and unhealthy versions of both ingredients. The healthiest combination is Greek yogurt with granola high in protein and fiber. 

Is Yogurt Healthy? 

As long as you’re not getting the candy or high sugar kids yogurts, the yogurt you have is a healthy addition to your diet. 

Yogurt has a lot of important nutrients and vitamins in it. One of the most important things that yogurt can give you is probiotics. These help with the digestive system and overall gut health. 

The Nutrients in Yogurt

  • Calcium, lots of calcium
  • B vitamins, especially vitamin B12
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Yogurt usually has vitamin D added in
  • Protein

With all the nutrients that yogurt has to offer, it can be really good for balanced nutrition. Some of these nutrients can help fight off or prevent certain diseases, especially bone diseases. The nutrients, like calcium, help create stronger bones.

In addition to having probiotics help with digestion, they can also help with the overall immune system. They strengthen the immune system to help fight off things like a cold and fight inflammation. Probiotics are the biggest nutrition benefit that yogurt gives. 

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Though, do know that yogurt can contain a lot of sugar, even the healthy ones. If you are trying to reduce sugar, look for low-sugar or sugar-free yogurts.

Is Granola Healthy?

Like yogurt, the health benefits of granola truly depend on the kind you buy. There are many out there that are high in sugar and artificial ingredients. It is good to look for those that have the most nutrients while still maintaining a good taste. 

There are many granolas out there that are very good for you and will make a great addition to your yogurt. 

The Nutrients in Granola

  • A good amount of fiber
  • A good amount of protein
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B6
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus 
  • Zinc

With these nutrients, adding granola to your diet can help with overall health and prevent certain issues. The carbohydrates in granola can provide a quick burst of energy good for preceding exercise. 

The nutrients in granola can help with lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar. Like yogurt, granola can help improve gut health. Some granola mixes have additional benefits depending on what ingredients they include. Mixes with seeds, blueberries, or even dark chocolate have the additional benefits of antioxidants.

Bringing the Two Together

With the benefits from both granola and yogurt, putting them together will give you a meal with more benefits. With the larger amount of protein and other vitamins, this meal is great to start the day with. 

Yogurt with granola in it makes a meal high in protein, vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, among other vitamins. The fiber in the granola helps give you a burst of energy while the probiotics in the yogurt further help with digestion. 

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Ways to Make This Meal Healthier

As said earlier, this meal is only as healthy as the ingredients. Having a good quality yogurt and granola will give you additional nutritional benefits than using yogurt with candy in it. 

Here are things to look for in your granola and yogurt:

  • Use Greek yogurt instead of regular to have a higher amount of probiotics and protein. Many Greek yogurts have at least 10 grams of protein.
  • Use a low-sugar yogurt. 
  • Plain and unsweetened yogurt tends to be the healthiest as there are no additives
  • Look for granola with high protein and low added sugar. This doesn’t count for sugars in dried fruit.
  • Get granolas with lots of varieties. Look for ones with fruits or seeds or added nuts. Not only does each ingredient give extra nutrients, but it also gives variety to the overall meal. 
  • Make sure you enjoy what you are eating. It’s better to eat an unhealthier option and enjoy it (while still having the benefits from the yogurt and granola) than eat an extremely healthy option but only eat it once. It’s about getting more nutrients in overtime and in order to do that you need to enjoy what you’re eating.

Final Thoughts

Yogurt and granola are a healthy way to start the day. Of course, this meal can be eaten at any time of the day and it can be great to eat before or after working out. Granola adds a great texture to yogurt so each bite is interesting. 

Make your yogurt and granola in a way that you can enjoy over and over again. Use the tips to make your meal healthier, or don’t. Either way, these ingredients will give you a lot of different nutrients to get through the day.