Best Lettuce for Sandwiches

There is nothing better than biting into a soft, cold sandwich on a warm summer day. The airiness of the bread, the saltiness of the meat, and the crunch of fresh vegetables are enough to make anyone crave this lunchtime favorite.

The best lettuce for sandwiches is iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce holds up well under pressure and provides that crisp crunch you are looking for in texture variation. 

Of course, there are many types of lettuce you can use on your sandwich, depending on your personal preference. Whether you just like the taste of lettuce on your sandwich or you enjoy the nutritional benefits, you have many lettuce varieties to choose from at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. 

Other Types of Lettuce for Sandwiches

Although iceberg lettuce tends to be the most often used kind of lettuce for sandwiches, you have several options to choose from. Lettuce is a vegetable with many varieties that are grown in various settings to create individualized tastes. 

Artisan Lettuce

If you want a fancy sandwich, artisan lettuce will do the trick. This lettuce variety is available in smaller heads with looser leaves than traditional iceberg or romaine lettuce. Its coloration is green and purple, providing a pop of color.

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This color is not only visually appealing but is also indicative of the nutrients this type of lettuce is known to contain. As a good source of iron, folate, and Vitamin C, artisan lettuce is a nutritionally superior lettuce variety. 

Romaine Lettuce

When you’re packing a sandwich for a picnic lunch, you want a variety that is going to hold up well in a cooler and under pressure without becoming soggy. Romaine lettuce is larger in size and structurally more durable than other lettuce varieties. 

In fact, some people even decide to nix the bread on their sandwich and replace it with romaine lettuce altogether. Smear some mayo, cheese, and lunchmeat on a giant leaf of romain lettuce, and you’ve got yourself a tasty sandwich. 

Loose-Leaf Lettuce

Think of the type of lettuce that is usually found in salads, and you’re envisioning loose-leaf lettuce that can be used on sandwiches, too. This type of lettuce is not as sturdy and crisp as other varieties, so it works well on sandwiches with a harder bread to create a more diverse texture profile. 

Loose-leaf lettuce works well on sandwiches to be eaten immediately, as it won’t hold up well in food storage. 


When you want to add flavor to your sandwich, opt for peppery arugula to add a kick. Available in containers at your local grocery store, arugula typically isn’t purchased as a head of lettuce but rather as a salad mix. 

While most lettuce doesn’t have much of a taste, arugula is different. It’s known to have a spicy, peppery flavor that some people simply love. 

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What is the Best Type of Lettuce to Use in Place of Bread?

Lettuce doesn’t just have to go on your sandwich as a topping. It can be the star of the show when you choose to forgo the bread and make a sandwich out of lettuce, instead. For this type of lunch, you’ll want to choose a type of lettuce that is available in big leaves and is sturdy enough to hold your toppings. 

For these reasons, iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce works best in place of bread for a sandwich. There are many things you can do with this type of sandwich creation. Think of a cold turkey wrap or a honey mustard chicken cup wrapped in lettuce. 

What are the Healthiest Types of Lettuce for Sandwiches?

Most types of lettuce are known for their water content, which can aid in satiation. Yet, some types of lettuce are more than just hydrating. A few types, like Bibb lettuce and Boston lettuce, are good for making sandwiches, and they are packed with nutrients. 

Vitamin K, calcium, and iron are just a few common nutrients that can be found in abundance in these lettuce varieties. Spinach also makes a good lettuce alternative, and it is filled with nutrients, too. 

Why Do We Like Lettuce on Sandwiches?

With the high water content of lettuce, it can be confusing to think we would put it on a sandwich for fear of our bread getting soggy. Yet, the benefit of having a crunchy texture to offset the soft meat and cheese and airy bread of a sandwich is too good not to partake in. 

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Aside from the textural differences, lettuce also adds more vitamins and nutrients than would be found otherwise in Someromaineegular meat and cheese sandwiches. For those trying to add more veggies to their diet, putting lettuce on a sandwich is a great start.