Can You Freeze Fontina Cheese?

There was a sale on cheese at your local grocery store and you brought home way more than you are going to use in the time fresh cheese will go bad. You sift through your pile of cheese and choose which ones you are going to use right away. You see that you grabbed some fontina cheese and you don’t have anything planned for it.

Can you freeze fontina cheese? 

Yes, you can freeze fontina cheese; you can freeze any type of cheese as long as you know how to prepare it for safe keeping. To freeze fontina cheese make sure that it is wrapped up tightly in a plastic wrap, or stored in a plastic bag, or placed in a sealable container. To have the best results, it is best to use two or more of these methods at once. 

Freezing Fontina Cheese

Fontina cheese can be kept frozen for up to a year but it is recommended that frozen cheese is freshest when enjoyed before six to nine months. To have the best results with your fontina cheese it is best to start with a good product. 

Checking the Expiration Date

Start with the freshest cheese available for purchase within your budget. This will ensure that you have a good product when you are ready to thaw the fontina cheese. Check the expiration date before you buy the cheese from the store. 

The expiration date is a good guidance tool, however, it is not the only reliable method of choosing quality fontina cheese. 

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Judge by the Cover

It is important to select fresh fontina cheese before taking it home to use, refrigerate, or freeze. You will know that a particular piece of fontina cheese is fresh by its rind. Look for evenly-textured rinds with little or no imperfections or discoloration. This will guarantee that you have a fresh product that will survive the freezing process.

Get Prepared

When freezing cheese it is important to have the cheese in an air-tight and freezer-tight wrapping or container. The cheese will not stay fresh when exposed to air. Freezers also can create freezer-burn or the conditions for excess ice development on exposed surfaces.

Cheese is vulnerable to becoming stale and freezer-burnt. This is why it is important to have some kind of method to save your cheese in the freezer. Some items to consider using:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Plastic bag
    • Ziploc
    • Sandwich
  • Air-tight sealable container
  • Multiple layers of aluminum foil

Use What is Needed and Freeze the Rest

It is best to cut the cheese into usable portions to defrost later. Thinking ahead will offer you the most out of your fontina cheese and won’t leave you throwing away excess cheese you won’t use.

  • Cut the fontina cheese into smaller chunks that you can defrost and use independently.

Wrap it Up

Make sure to wrap fontina cheese with a snug, air-tight wrapping. You can use a plastic bag like a Ziploc bag or a simple sandwich bag to keep it in. Plastic wrap is also a good thing to use to keep cheese fresh in the freezer. 

An air-tight container is practically fool-proof and requires little to no effort. Just cut the cheese into portions or into a size to fit the container. Simply remove the container and open the lid when you are ready to thaw.

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If you don’t have plastic wrap or a plastic bag anywhere and all of your Tupperware containers are missing lids, then aluminum foil may be an answer. Wrap the fontina cheese in a couple of layers on foil to avoid becoming stale or freezer burnt. Be sure to use an appropriate grade of aluminum though as aluminum foil that is too thin will break off into your cheese during the thawing process. 

Know When to Toss

Cheese can last in the freezer for up to a year. Fontina cheese is best when used before six to nine months but it can last for the whole year. If you find your cheese has unwrapped in any way, throw it out just to be safe. 

Any stale or freezer-burnt cheese should be tossed. Any fontina cheese that smells off after thawing should be tossed. Toss any cheese that has been thawed and refrozen as this cheese may no longer be any good.

Cheese that is thawed may be refrigerated for a full ten days before it is considered bad. Use your judgment here based on the coloration and smell of your fontina cheese. Do be concerned if the cheese looks moldy as fresh fontina cheese is not a moldy cheese by nature.

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Fontina cheese can be frozen, as well as any other type of cheese if you know how to prepare it. Fontina cheese should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, stored in a plastic bag, or placed in a sealed container before freezing. It is best to use two or more of these methods at the same time for the best results. 

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Choose the freshest cheese within your budget. As a result, you will be able to thaw the fontina cheese with good results. Make sure the cheese is not expired before you buy it. 

It is important to store cheese in an airtight and freezer-tight container when freezing. If the cheese is exposed to air, it will not remain fresh. In addition, freezers can cause freezer burn or conditions for excessive ice to form on exposed surfaces.

The cheese should be cut into portions that can be used later. If you plan ahead, you can make the most out of your fontina cheese and won’t have to throw away extra cheese that you won’t use.

You can use plastic wrap to wrap fontina cheese before you freeze it. A plastic Ziploc bag will protect cheese just the same from freezer burn. If all else fails us a fool-proof air-tight container to help seal the cheese and to keep it fresh. 

You can store cheese in the freezer for up to a year. Fontina cheese is best when used within six to nine months, but it may be stored for an entire year. To be safe, throw your cheese out if you find that it has been unwrapped, freezer-burnt, or damaged.