How Long Does Chorizo Last? 

Chorizo is an exciting and spicy ground sausage that is used in several types of Spanish and Mexican dishes. This meat can add a kick of flavor to all meals and is enjoyed most notably at breakfast. If you have the chance to scoop up some chorizo at your local grocery store, you may wonder how long it will last.

Chorizo has varying expiration dates depending on how it is saved and whether it is raw or cooked. Chorizo can be raw or cooked on the counter for up to two hours before it needs to be discarded or saved. The fridge can keep chorizo good for about three weeks if it is raw and two days if it is cooked. Chorizo can be kept in the freezer raw for up to six months and cooked for up to three months. 

Chorizo is a spicy sausage and can be added to lots of dishes in Spanish and Mexican cuisines. Chorizo is versatile and can be used in breakfast or added to lunch and dinner dishes to add a kick. Chorizo can last in several different ways, whether on the counter, in the fridge, or the freezer. The expiration dates change whether the chorizo was cooked or raw upon freezing.  

How Long is Chorizo Going to Last?  

Chorizo should be opened only when you plan on using it soon. Chorizo is best when used immediately but can be saved for later use. Chorizo can be appropriately stored on the counter, in the fridge, or in the freezer for various amounts of time.  

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How Long Does Chorizo Last Left Out?

  • Raw. Raw chorizo can sit on a counter in wait for preparation from two to four hours but it is safest and best to eat within two hours. 
  • Cooked. Cooked chorizo can attract bugs or bacteria quicker and should only be left out on the counter for up to two hours before tossing out or saving. 
  • Preparation. Don’t leave unprepared chorizo lying out on the counter uncovered. It can contaminate other food products or surfaces until it is cooked. 

How Long Does Chorizo Last in the Fridge? 

  • Raw. Chorizo will last about three weeks if unprepared and in the fridge. 
  • Cooked. Cooked chorizo will last about two to three days before getting strange and changing textures and flavors. It may not reintegrate together the same way and may be more or less greasy in texture. 
  • Preparation. Make sure to wrap any leftover chorizo as tightly as possible with saran wrap or place it into a tight, air-proof container. 

How Long Does Chorizo Last in the Freezer? 

  • Raw. Raw chorizo can last in the freezer for up to six months. It is best consumed within the first three months to avoid frostbite. 
  • Cooked. When cooked, chorizo can last in the freezer for up to three months and maintain appropriate textures and flavors. Going beyond three months, six months is the safety cut-off. 
  • Preparation. Make sure to place the chorizo in a freezer-safe container or bag, so it doesn’t get freezer burn. 

How Do You Know if Chorizo Has Gone Bad? 

Chorizo that looks off, smells off, tastes off, or is undoubtedly past its expiration date is probably bad. Throw out any leftover chorizo that you think has gone bad to avoid gastrointestinal upset later. Chorizo that doesn’t look right or has mold growing from it should be thrown out immediately.

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Chorizo is a spicy sausage that is used in Spanish and Mexican dishes. It can be versatile in a breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe. Chorizo can be left out for up to two hours on the counter before you should put it away or throw it out. Raw chorizo will last in the fridge for up to three weeks, while cooked chorizo should only be refrigerated for two to three days. Raw chorizo will last up to six months in the freezer, and cooked chorizo should be consumed within three months.