How Long Does Frozen Shrimp Last? 

If you have a bunch of shrimp leftover after your meal or shopping spree, it’s okay! You can save shrimp in the freezer, which is a bonus if it’s frozen already. There are varying times between raw shrimp and cooked shrimp, but both can be saved in the freezer for an extended period of time. 

Frozen shrimp can last in the freezer between twelve to eighteen months. Frozen shrimp is best enjoyed as soon as possible as it does have an expiration. Use frozen shrimp between three and twelve months to consume at its best. 

To get the most extended shelf life out of shrimp in the freezer, it is crucial to keep the shrimp in an air-tight container. Shrimp can get freezer-burnt quickly and ruin your frozen shrimp before you can use it. Also, don’t rinse your raw shrimp before putting them in the freezer; they could accumulate a lot of ice and become harder to defrost. 

Does Frozen Shrimp Expire?

Shrimp, like any other food, has an expiration date. The expiration date of shrimp depends on its state before you put it into the freezer. Frozen shrimp doesn’t have a specific expiration date but is most optimal before three months have passed. After six to twelve months in the freezer, it is essential to pay attention to the frozen shrimp before preparing for signs that it has gone bad. 

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How Long Is Frozen Raw Shrimp Good For?

When you freeze raw shrimp, it is essential to ensure it is in a sealed container and kept separate from other things in the freezer that will be consumed without cooking. You can freeze raw shrimp for up to eighteen months. Frozen raw shrimp is best enjoyed within three months. 

Can You Refrigerate Defrosted Raw Shrimp?

If you defrost frozen raw shrimp, it is vital not to refreeze it as there could now be bacteria introduced to the shrimp. You can refrigerate the remaining raw shrimp for up to two days before they should be thrown out. Raw shrimp should be tightly wrapped or placed in an air-tight container and on the bottom shelf of the fridge so there is less contamination.

How Long is Frozen Cooked Shrimp Good For?

Freezing cooked shrimp can be a little different, and thawing results will vary on what the shrimp is cooked with. If the shrimp is on its own and sealed in an air-tight container, it can be frozen for up to six months with good results. Cooked shrimp in a sauce or mixed with other things may separate and become rubbery when thawed and recooked. 

Can You Refrigerate Defrosted Cooked Shrimp?

Defrosted cooked shrimp can go in the fridge to be saved for an extra two days. After two days, leftover defrosted cooked shrimp should be removed from the fridge and used or thrown out. It is essential not to refreeze defrosted cooked shrimp because it could contain bacteria or turn rubbery upon defrosting. Keep defrosted cooked shrimp in a tightly wrapped or lidded container. 

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How Can You Tell if Frozen Shrimp Has Gone Bad?

Because shrimp is seafood, it will turn unusually smelly and rancid when it starts to go bad or turn rotten. Frozen shrimp may be hard to discern its integrity until you thaw it out and peel apart the individual shrimp. Once you have thawed the shrimp, look at them and give the container a whiff. 

You can tell if frozen shrimp has gone bad by multiple factors like what it looks like, what it smells like, and the texture of it when it thaws out. Frozen shrimp that has gone bad will smell and taste bad (if you make it that far into it). Avoid discolored frozen shrimp or anything that smells overly fishy. 

Can You Eat Shrimp That’s Been in the Freezer for 2 Years?

Frozen shrimp is only suggested to be kept in the freezer for up to eighteen months, and two whole years in the freezer is pushing it. It is not advised that you consume frozen shrimp after two years, although if you do, there may not be a bad outcome.

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You can save frozen shrimp in the freezer for up to eighteen months. Frozen raw shrimp will be best for about twelve months, and frozen cooked shrimp is best before six months. Make sure to properly store frozen shrimp and avoid eating them once it has gone bad. You will know if your frozen shrimp is bad by a foul odor, look, feel, or taste. 

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