How to Fry Cheese Without Breading?

If you’ve never tried fried cheese, you may be missing out. Fried cheese hits all of the areas that can make food taste incredible. With a crunchy exterior and a molten interior, fried cheese is a great treat. However, it can be hard to make fried cheese.

To make fried cheese, you want to use a non-stick frying pan. If your pan is not non-stick, the cheese will stick to it, and this will be difficult to clean. You then want to pick a nice cheese that will melt well but stay together. Frying the cheese only requires cooking the cheese on the stovetop until the exterior is crispy.

Steps to Fry Cheese

Step 1 – A Non-Stick Frying Pan

The first step you need to follow in order to properly fry cheese is to use a non-stick frying pan. The non-stick coating will allow for the cheese to come off of the pan easily. If you use a pan that does not have a non-stick coating, the cheese can burn onto the pan and be difficult to get off.

Once you have chosen your pan, you want to preheat the frying pan on medium heat.

Step 2 – Preparing the Cheese

Next, you want to prepare the cheese. You want to use slices of cheese that are the same size. While the thickness of the cheese slice is up to you, you want to go with a thicker cut for cheeses like provolone.

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Make sure the cheese is dry before starting the frying process. Once the cheese is dry, you can lightly brush the pieces with oil.

Step 3 – Frying the Cheese

You can start the frying process once the cheese is dry and your oiled pan is hot. It can take some time for the exterior to caramelize and harden. Once the crust has begun to harden and turn a gold color, you can start poking the cheese to see if it has reached your desired consistency.

Once it has reached your desired consistency, the cheese is ready to eat. You can eat it plain or add toppings.

Type of Cheese

There are many different types of cheeses that you can choose from to fry. Below are four that are great for frying.


Halloumi was one of the first cheeses that was introduced that you could fry or grill. It will only melt after it has reached an extremely high temperature. This makes the cheese great for frying. It is a perfect cheese that you can fry in hot oil.

Bread Cheese

Bread cheese is most commonly found in Finland. This cheese will look like toast when it has been fried, and it will have the consistency of bread. It is very dense and has a high melting point.


Paneer is a cheese that originates from India. It is frequently used in Indian cuisine. It takes extremely high temperatures to melt this cheese, so it can be a great choice when choosing a cheese to fry.

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Provolone is a cheese that is quite popular in the United States. While the melting point of provolone is normal, using a thicker cut of this cheese gives it a better chance of frying well. 

What is the Best Way to Melt Cheese in a Frying Pan?

The best way to melt cheese using a frying pan is to let the cheese sit in the frying pan over low heat with a lid covering it. This allows for the cheese to melt slowly and be heated thoroughly. You also want to choose a non-stick frying pan to make clean-up a lot easier.

Which Cheeses are Resistant to Melting?

When choosing a cheese to fry, you do not want to pick a cheese that melts easily. You want to avoid cheeses like feta, cheddar, and mozzarella. You want to use a semi-firm cheese if you do not want the cheese to melt easily.

Some cheeses that are resistant to melting are:

  • Paneer
  • Halloumi
  • Bread Cheese
  • Soft goat cheese
  • Ricotta

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Fried cheese can be a nice snack. The crunchy outside combined with the molten inside can give joy to all of your taste buds. You want to use a non-stick pan when frying cheese. You also want to use some oil. It can take some time for the cheese to start hardening, but it will be worth it once you are able to eat your fried cheese.