How to Thaw Frozen Buns

If you’re a household that either barely makes food that goes on buns or a household that cooks so much you run out, you probably have buns in the freezer. Stocking up on buns and storing them in a freezer is a great way to preserve them. They can last up to around 3 months, perfect for keeping them on hand during Summer.

There are several ways to thaw your hamburger or hotdog buns. You can thaw them on the counter, in the fridge, in the microwave, and in the oven. Each method has its pros and cons, it’s about seeing which way works best for your situation.

Thawing on the Counter

This method, while one of the more time consuming ones, is also the easiest. Simply, you could just leave the bag on buns on the counter and wait, but here you’ll find a way to prevent them from getting soggy.

Step 1: Remove how many buns you want, or all of them, from the packaging. Wrap the buns in a paper towel or a clean dishtowel. This will absorb any excess moisture

Step 2: Let them thaw for about an hour. At this point, you can check if they are still frozen or not. 

Step 3: Pat any remaining moisture away (this is important if the buns formed and ice crystals while in the freezer) and then enjoy.

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  • Takes minimal effort
  • Less excess moisture


  • Takes longer than other methods
  • Letting them thaw in the bag may lead to them getting soggy

Keeping Them in the Fridge

This method is similar to the counter method, but this allows you to keep your buns safe in the fridge. Thawing in the fridge is perfect if there’s still a lot of time before using them in a meal.

Step 1: If the bag of buns shows no sign of ice, then place the bag right in the fridge. If ice has formed, remove buns from the bag and place them in a paper or dish towel first. 

Step 2: Thaw for around 3 hours. It takes a longer time in the fridge but allows for more even thawing.

Step 3: Check their progress. If thawed, pat away any excess moisture and enjoy.


  • Takes very little effort
  • Allows for even thawing


  • Takes the longest time

In The Microwave

Using the microwave is great if you need to thaw the buns quickly. However, the microwave has its own sets of problems when it comes to reheating food. This method is the least suggested.

Step 1: Remove buns from packaging and wrap them in paper towel. Each bun should be wrapped separately, though you can warm more than 1 at once.

Step 2: Microwave for 10-second intervals, checking their progress at each interval.

Step 3: If the bun still needs more time to thaw but the towel is wet, replace the paper towel.

Step 4: Once thawed, enjoy. 

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  • Takes the shortest amount of time
  • Not too much effort


  • Microwaving leads to uneven thawing
  • This method can make the bread soggy 

Thawing in the Oven

This method is faster than leaving the buns on the counter but slower than the microwave. However, if you want the buns toasted, you can do this at the same time.

Step 1: Remove buns from packaging and preheat your oven to 350℉ or lower. 

Step 2: Place buns on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven

Step 3: Check the buns around every 5 minutes. If planning on toasting them, give them 10 minutes to start. 

Step 4: Once thawed, remove from the oven unless you’re toasting them. In that case, let them get golden before removing them.


  • This method prevents the bread from getting soggy
  • Can be a 2-in-1 method
  • This method doesn’t take too long


  • Takes the most effort out of the other methods
  • You have to wait for the oven to preheat
  • Can lead to accidental toasting if that wasn’t your plan

How Long do Thawed Buns Keep?

Depending on your method, thawed buns will keep for a different amount of time. Microwaved and oven-warmed buns should be used within a few hours of thawing. This is because the heat introduced can cause bacteria to start forming.

When the buns are thawed on the counter or fridge, it’s best to use them in 1 or 2 days. 

Final Thoughts

Thawing buns is a really simple process. No matter what method you use, it doesn’t take too much effort to return the buns to life. 

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Freezing your hotdog or hamburger buns keeps them able to use for much longer. Stocking up during the Summer months can give you a season’s worth of Summer parties. No one will be able to tell that these buns were previously kept in the freezer.