What Does Yum Yum Sauce Taste Like?

Yum Yum sauce certainly has an interesting name. It’s not exactly hard to say, it just isn’t described very well.

Yum Yum sauce is actually a brand of sauce based on the traditional Japanese sakura sauce. It’s commonly found at Japanese steakhouses.

But what does Yum Yum sauce taste like? The sauce manages to combine being light with being sweet and tangy. The sauce commonly uses a blend of spices with a base that includes milk and mayonnaise.

What is yum yum sauce made of?

One of the things that makes Yum Yum sauce so popular is it’s base: The sauce starts with mayonaisse, which is in it’s most basic form eggs, oil, and vinegar or lemon juice.

Yum Yum adds more elements, like ketchup (for salt and color) paprika, garlic, sugar and water which is more to thin out the sauce. 

The combination of herbs, spices, ketchup, and others gives meats and steaks an extra dimension to their flavor, especially adding more to the savory element.

It’s not unheard of to add hot sauce to Yum Yum sauce to add a bit of fire.

What does yum yum sauce taste most similar to?

While the combination of ingredients listed, you might get a better understanding of what Yum Yum sauce tastes like by comparing it to other common foods.

Sriracha mayo is one. Especially if you add some sriracha to Yum Yum Sauce. The important difference is the use of paprika, garlic, and sugar. Sriracha mayo tends to be fluffier and have more density. Yum Yum sauce adds water to become more of a standalone dip.

While the idea is broad, Yum Yum sauce tastes a little like spicy mayonnaise. This is also keeping in mind that besides the relatively well known bottled brand, restaurants and home cooks can readily put their own spin on the sauce.

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What is the texture like?

Yum Yum sauce is smooth in texture. The use of mayonnaise and ketchup helps the sauce become spreadable, pourable, and dippable. 

This favored American Japanese steakhouse sauce is also unusual because it uses some water to make the mixture lighter. Mayonnaise itself would make Yum Yum sauce fluffy and somewhat dense. Adding some water makes the sauce a bit runnier, which works well for dipping meat into.

What does Yum Yum sauce look like?

Yum Yum sauce normally has a yellowish color with a bit of orange or pink depending on the amount of ketchup and mayonnaise used. On a piece of meat or a chip, Yum Yum sauce can be drippy, especially if more water was added. 

What does it smell like?

Yum Yum sauce in a bottle tends to smell sweet and a little bit spicy. The concentrated product within a bottle also smells light like mayonnaise and a bit fragrant. 

The sauce won’t hit your nose quite like fish sauce or soy sauce, which are more truly traditional Asian ingredients for Asian cuisine. Yum Yum sauce has a lighter smell and taste because Americans tend to prefer less spicy or pungent sauces.

How do you use Yum Yum sauce?

Yum Yum sauce is largely a dip. While the bottle design and origins are Asian, Yum Yum sauce as a brand actually is more American than anything else. Without diving too much into the origin story, the sauce is said to have been concocted in the kitchen of a Japenese steakhouse. The sauce become so popular with meat, rice, and noodle dishes that it was included with every meal. The popularity grew so much that the family who made Yum Yum sauce went national in 2012.

Yum Yum sauce commercially comes in a bottle that is simply poured into a bowl or in some cases directly onto a food item, like noodles or meat. 

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Is Yum Yum sauce good for you?

The answer depends on how you get it. Yum Yum sauce in a bottle can have lots of sugar and carbs for a couple spoonfuls.

The best parts of Yum Yum sauce are the spices and ingredients you add, which can add some vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind that Yum Yum sauce has mayonnaise as a primary ingredient and isn’t meant as a health food. It’s actual benefit is making other foods taste better.

Treat Yum Yum sauce like you would any other mayonnaise dip. Don’t eat it in large amounts too often. Food items like mayonnaise can cause high cholesterol and weight gain since they are made of eggs and oil.

It is possible to find lower fat Yum Yum sauce with less mayonnaise content, as it is possible to make the sauce delicious in other ways too. 

Where can I find Yum Yum sauce?

Yum Yum sauce become commercially available in 2012 due to popular demand from an Asian restaurant. You’ll be able to find the sauce and sauces like it at most grocery store.

Given the relatively simple list of ingredients, it’s also quite easy to make your own Yum Yum sauce and add your own unique twist to it. The right Yum Yum sauce is all about the right balance of ingredients for your tastes.


While Yum Yum sauce is actually a bit traditional as Sakura sauce, a chef at a Japanese restaurant ensured that it will live on as a brand. The sauce offers a sweet, tangy bite to meat, veggies, and noodles and is commonly used as a dip or pour. 

Consider making your own at home with the right balance of ingredients as the sauce itself is quite easy to make with some whisking and mayonnaise.